Dove dormire isola dell'Asinara
Porto Torres

LA LOCANDA DEL PARCO Hospitality and Tourism

LA LOCANDA DEL PARCO Hospitality and Tourism

Località Cala D’Oliva – Asinara – Porto Torres 07040

The “Dimeglio Massimo” company operates in maritime sector providing services for a wide range of boats, in addition to various touristic services.

By its own boat “Antonio I”, a renowned 1941 Leudo, the company organizes excursions and trips to appreciate the unspoilt sea in the area including the Park of Asinara and the coast of Stintino. With fish tourism in the Park of Asinara, tourists can enjoy the remarkable show of  the hauling of nets.

The “Dimeglio Massimo” offers a complete experience with the “Locanda del Parco”, a hotel and ittiturismo, where tourists can stay in a comfortable and unique environment in touch with the Park of Asinara nature.

Technical and Mechanical Assistance
Boat Transport Assistance

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